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Weekend Briefing: Leadership and Innovation

by admin on June 21st, 2010

The big news for Homeward Deployed this week is that Thursday, July 15, at 11:30 a.m. America’s Heroes at Work will be doing the first of two workshops for the Veterans Task Force at the Greater Springfield Chamber, focusing on TBI and PTSD in the Workplace. We are so honored to have this partnership and to have these resources brought to the businesses in our community. MVLE is hosting the event and providing lunch. Carey Coaching will be sponsoring filming the event. The second event, to be held in August, will focus on legal issues around accommodations, tax credits, adaptive technology, etc.

A potential huge step forward for Homeward Deployed and our partners at The Forte Institute….we may have found an angel investor who can make the kind of commitment to our programs that we need right now to really build out nationally. We’ll keep you posted as that moves forward.

Other news from HQ…. We have acquired the support of a pro-bono attorney, who prefers to remain anonymous, but J, you know who you are and we are grateful for your support. We reconnected with Heather Ramsey of The Coach for Me, who has volunteered to help with interviewing coaches for our community of coaches.

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